Game Master Challenge: Day 1

            It’s Pirates vs. Ninjas in this heated battle of games. AAA decided to train 2 teams to battle against each other instead of battling against Abbgal. if your on team ninja you get the Shirasaya sword( a wearable item) and 100 NC. if your on the Pirates team you get the pirate cutlass(also wearable) and 100 NC. Right now Pirates are winning 52% to 48%. The first challenge on both teams was to add 5 different qualifying games to your favorites. for this you got a book called My Favourite Things. You can do this 4 more times to earn more items. The next Challenge for the Pirates was to score at least 175 on the hungry skieth. The challenge for the Ninjas was to score at least 204 in freaky factory. the prize on both was again the same and it was rainbow jelly chomby. You can also do this challenge 4 more times to earn more free prizes and to help your team win.