The Advent Calendar Is Back!

Starting tomorrow will be the beginning of the Advent Calendar!! Every you visit the Advent Calendar to earn FREE prizes and neopoints. Sometimes they even give out Christmas Paint Brushes. Also if you have Neocash to spare you can buy the Stuffing Spectacular tickets. After you buy a sticking you put one up in the NC Mall and then on December 8th you will start receiving prizes. And the Gift Of NC is back! For every amount of NC you spend you get an amount back.


New Items!

Xweetox Themed Battle Magic                                                        Defensive Battle Items


Fire Books                                                                                  Altadorian Food


Springy Things                                                                             Scarab Collectibles


Game Master Challenge: Day 3

Today for the ninja’s game challenge you must get a score of at least 152 in Super Hasee Bounce And a score of 500 in bouncy supreme. The prize for this is you get Jelly Blumaroo Jelly. And for team pirate you have to get a score of 500 on bouncy supreme also,but you also have to get a score of 246 in Super Hasee Bounce. For the mystery challenge send a score of at least 150 for both teams. The timed challenge for the Ninja’s is to sens a score of at least 10 in Zurroball after you start the timer.

Game Master Challenge: Day 2

   Today for the mystery challenge  the ninjas and pirates must send a score of at least 284 in turmac  roll to get a wearable turmac roll garland. The other challenge for the ninjas is to send a score of at least 125 in wicked wocky  wobble. The prize for that challenge is a book called How Not To Wobble. For the pirates you have to get a score of at least 55 in warf rescue team. The prize for achieving that score is also the book: How Not To Wobble. And just. Like yesterday you can do you the challenges 4 more times for more prizes and bonus points.